Advantages of payday loan

преузимањеAdvertisements for payday loans are showing up everywhere in the past few years: in newspapers, on store signs, on billboards, and particularly on the Internet. Also, some of the payday loan companies promote by mail, so you may even see advertisements arriving in your mailbox.   Occasionally they are called payday advances, cash advances, check loans, or post-dated check loans. However, all of those terms mean basically the same thing and that is a loan to take you over until your next payday. Although you have seen the advertisements, you could not know what payday loans are, how to go to get one and even how they work.  A short-term loan is a payday loan, usually for fourteen to thirty days. That is paid back by agreeing to an electronic withdrawal or writing a post-dated check in order to be deducted from the bank account of the borrower on their next payday. Borrowers could be qualified for loans of anywhere from hundred to thousand dollars, depending on the borrower’s income and the lender’s policies.

Also, there are disadvantages and advantages to this type of borrowing same as with every other type of loan.a copy of their driver’s license. That shortens the time frame considerably because there i  Payday loans are easy to apply for and easy to get and that is on the plus side. Borrowers are asked to complete a short application form that contains their home address, where they work,  telephone number and monthly income. Also, applicants provide information about their bank account, together with their account number and the name of their bank. Generally, the application is much easier than those required by traditional banks, and less paperwork is required.   Borrowers are asked to provide their latest bank statement, a recent paystub and s no credit check involved. The whole process takes just a few minutes, rather than weeks, and can be approved on the spot, resulting in the borrower receiving a cash loan in about 30 minutes. The borrower writes a post-dated check for the date of their next payday, once it is approved, and for the amount borrowed, plus the fees of the lender.

imagesTo get a payday loan from an Internet lender is even simpler and quicker. Borrowers give their bank account number and within a matter of hours – the loan money is straight deposited into the borrower’s account. By direct withdrawal from the borrower’s bank account, repayment is made the same way, for the amount and on the date particular in the loan agreement. Repayment arrangements differ and some companies give the borrower a choice to move the loan over by paying an extra loan fee. Therefore, the borrower has the option of paying off the whole loan on the original date agreed, or of paying extra fees to expand all or part of the actual loan to a later date.

The other great advantages in order to get a payday loan are that there is no guarantee required and without involving credit checks.

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