August, 2016

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Hiring a mobile DJ for parties

imagesIn order to hire a good mobile DJ for parties, you have to know a couple of things about him; you can’t just rush to it blindly. You ought to get to know him and see if he’s reliable, and only then start reaching an agreement that should benefit you both. And we’ve decided to tell you all about how you should do it properly in order to end up with a DJ that knows what he’s doing, with an atmosphere that is going to be positive for everyone at the party. So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

The first thing you ought to do, in order to hire a mobile DJ is to find a mobile DJ. This is really simple nowadays, because all you need to do is go online and find a list of your local mobile DJs. Then, you need to settle on one of those, and you can do that by giving some of them a call and then seeing which one of them offers the best terms, by checking out their rates and settling on the highest rated one that fits your needs, or you can ask around with some of your friends that have already hired mobile DJs for their parties about them.

After finding a mobile DJ, you need to see if he’s available to perform at your party. DJs tend to be really busy, and sometimes you need to call months ahead. Therefore, the first thing you ought to do is checking if he’s available, and if not, you have to move on to the next name on your list.

After you’ve settled on a particular mobile DJ, you ought to check out his qualifications. Check out his resume, and see where he has performed over the years. Check out some of the letters of recommendation that he has. This should be the overall first impression of the mobile DJ, and if it is a positive one, than you ought to continue with the hiring process, which is not yet over.

wedding_discoThe next thing you ought to do is agree on the price with him. Not every mobile DJ costs the same, and of course, the better ones cost a lot more than the worse ones. You need to get the mobile DJ to accept your terms, or at least to meet in the middle. Do not offer to low of a price, because you might end up being hated by the DJ, and even if he accepts it, he may not give it his best at the party. Therefore, ask around about the DJ rates, and only then get to this step in the hiring process.

And finally, you have to agree on all the details before making the deal. These details include the genre of music, the breaks for the DJ (if the party lasts long), beverage and food for the DJ, etc. After you’ve done all of that, you can safely say that you’ve successfully hired a mobile DJ, and all that’s left now is to wait for the party to start.